Here's a small sample of the projects we've co-created over the years.

Foresthaven Community Rainforest Regeneration


We're designing an eco-neighbourhood in the traditional rural town of Maclean, beside the mighty Clarence River, in a forested valley, close to the coast in Northern New South Wales. Find out more. 


Liveable City Petaling Jaya Malaysia

LIVEABLE CITY, Petaling JAYA, Malaysia

Over 200 representatives of diverse cultural communities collaborated using "The Planning Web" to create a sustainability strategy for their city of half a million people, including urban forests, community gardens and local business hubs.


Clarence River, Iluka Bluff


Using a collaborative planning approach called "Dealing With Our Own Situation", this local community worked together with technical experts and Council to decide upon and develop a state-of-the-art system that has won international awards


Reconnecting to Country Corndale 2010

Reconnecting to Country, Wilsons River

Six community groups across this water catchment area in Northern NSW collaborated with Widjabul custodians to protect and restore local places, create interpretive material, and teach the wider community about their cultural and ecological significance.


Queensland Environmentally Sustainable Schools Initiative

Sustainable Schools Initiative, Queensland

Over one hundred schools and environmental education centres across Queensland developed an alliance and strategy, supported by the state government, that has generated exciting educational results for millions of school students over a decade and inspired similar strategies across Australia and internationally.


Lord Howe Island with Bicycles 2002

Environmental Plan, Lord Howe Island

This powerful Regional Environmental Plan based on community engagement and overlaying GIS ecological mapping over a decade ago has been instrumental in protecting the biodiversity of this iconic island from overdevelopment.