No matter where we live, or what our lifestyle, we can deepen our relationship with the natural world.

By doing this, we can start "eco-living" more easily as we become more aware of our impacts, motivated to change them, while being nourished and inspired by nature to live a simpler life. In community.

Personal & Planetary Well-being

One of the pathways to embracing a lifestyle that has a light footprint on the Earth, is finding ways to feel happy, satisfied, and even "luxurious" whilst living a simple and more proactive lifestyle.


nature connection

Spending more time outdoors and in natural environments - deepening our sense of connection with natural places, animals, plants and indeed life itself - is proven to have many psychological and physical health benefits.


EcoAnxiety & Depression

Feeling worried, sad, angry or overwhelmed about the state of the world is a natural and healthy emotional response. Find out about ways to transform these feelings into valuable information and inspiration for change.


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