Our Eco-Neighbourhood

We're co-creating an eco-neighbourhood in the traditional rural town of Maclean, beside the mighty Clarence River, in a forested valley, close to the coast in Northern New South Wales.


Jagera Ecohamlet…

The core site is a 2 hectare (5 acre) north-facing slope, already zoned by Council for 'low density residential development', which was a paddock in the 1970’s, and is regenerating with rainforest species and weeds.

We have Council approval for a 12 lot 'community title' development comprising 11 household lots and one large shared lot that will include an access ringroad, a rainforest creek, permaculture orchards and gardens, and community buildings.

This 'ecohamlet' design includes self-reliance in water supply; renewable energy (PV including an approved microgrid); stormwater and grey water reuse; and appropriate building scale, design, renewable and recycled materials. Our development application, including detailed plans and background reports, was approved by Clarence Valley Council on 26 June 2018. So it's official, we have the go-ahead!! Click the plan below for details.

The ecohamlet project is part of a broader concept encouraging an ecologically sustainable urban neighbourhood, including some existing homes, set in a beautiful valley of old growth and regenerating rainforest on Maclean Hill. This eco-neighbourhood includes a low key environmental retreat and learning centre at Foresthaven and two ‘recycled’ weatherboard cottages that are currently available for rent.

Our core team of aspiring residents are looking for people to join us on this journey of ecological and community living, in easy walking distance to shops and cafes, schools, playing fields, and the river. Contact us if you're interested. We'd love to hear from you.

* Jagera (pronounced jag-ee-ra) is named after the beautiful foam bark tree Jagera Pseudorhus, an important rainforest pioneer and traditional resource.