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Since 1987, we've been at the creative edge of sustainability planning, design and education.


Our Mission

Over the past 30 years, we've developed a range of innovative and effective tools, processes and practises that help individuals, small community groups, large organisations and whole communities engage in co-creating a sustainable and regenerative future. Our current mission is to share these sustainability tools; train facilitators in these social technologies; and teach new paradigm thinking to empower and resource a new generation of changemakers.

“Working with Sustainable Futures Australia
has been a productive partnership towards
achieving a strategic plan that brings
together agencies, organisations and
individuals in a creative, strategic visioning
process that aligns all key stakeholders
toward a common goal.”
— Cam Mackenzie, Principal Advisor, Qld. Dept. of Education Training & the Arts

What We've Achieved

  • Integrated sustainability into operations and decision-making of local governments across Australia.
  • Protected biodiversity, threatened species, coastal areas and freshwater resources through sound environmental planning.
  • Motivated community engagement in hands on sustainability projects including bush regeneration and place-making.
  • Brought diverse groups of people together to make difficult decisions about local economic and environmental futures.
  • Designed eco-settlements at local, city and regional levels, including ecovillages and liveable cities.
  • Educated hundreds of university students in sustainable living, ecopsychology and social activism.
  • Collaborated with Aboriginal elders to teach the wider community about sustainable culture and social justice.
  • Won over 20 professional awards in sustainability planning, design and education.

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“Sustainable Futures Australia has assisted Council with a number of sustainability projects, including the development of a sustainability framework for the [then] newly amalgamated Council. They have a detailed understanding of the role and functions of Local Government and have vast experience in the area of sustainability and consultation.”
— Ken Wilson, Sustainability Coordinator, Clarence Valley Council, NSW