Peter Cuming - founder & Managing Director

Sustainability planning & education, eco-settlement design, futures visioning, key liaison facilitation and mediation, & project management. Peter has worked cooperatively with communities, industry and governments in high level policy-making and corporate and strategic planning for over 30 years.  He leads project teams working on local, regional and national sustainability strategies, plans and initiatives. 

Eshana Bragg, PhD - director & ecopsychologist

Community engagement, workshop facilitation, university lecturing, deep sustainability education programs, social research and evaluation, & project management. Eshana has over 25 years experience in this field working for clients including local governments and regional authorities in NSW. She is passionate about ensuring people have the psychological resources to navigate this transformational moment on our planet.

the team

We pull together highly skilled, multidisciplinary teams of professional colleagues to deliver effective outcomes for each project. 

Our associate consultants include:

  • Shannon Baunach Greenfields - project officer, community engagement & communications / interpretive design
  • Emily Coleing - administrative & project support
  • John Webber - landscape architecture
  • Fig Forest - flora ecologist
  • Russell Jago - fauna ecologist
  • Peter Thorton - bushfire planning consultant
  • James Foster - environmental engineer, integrated water management systems
  • Rita Gyorffy - project officer & environmental engineer
  • Charlie Hewitt - civil engineer, geotech
  • Digby Hall - ecoarchitect
  • Geoff Bragg - solar energy specialist
  • Wayne Brennan - anthropologist & cross-cultural consultant
  • Greg Lucas - commercial / property law specialist & mediator
  • Robyn Francis - ecovillage / permaculture design & education
  • Geoff Lawton - permaculture design & education
  • Terri Bates - eco-counsellor
  • Holly Haaweatea Bryson - wilderness therapist