Environmental Planning Tools

Practical and synergistic tools are necessary to identify, protect and regenerate the things we value including biodiversity, environmental services, social equity and economic vibrancy to establish and maintain sustainable community life.


Project Sustainability Framework

This framework enables projects such as residential, tourism and infrastructure development to embody ESD thinking and practices from strategic to site development response, for whole-of-development to site systems levels such as  water, energy, buildings and resource use, through design, construction and operational phases. (© Sustainable Futures Australia 2006)


SCIM (Sustainability Characteristics Integrated Mapping)

The SCIM model integrates a range of identified values, attributes and constraints related to a specific area of land as visual overlay maps. As an interactive tool, it enables scenarios to be established and explored with preferred scenarios identified using agreed criteria. It also establishes a comprehensive database with veracity assessment. (© Sustainable Futures Australia 2003)