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Sustainable Futures Australia has created a range of tools and processes to assist organisations and communities accelerate their move towards sustainability. We also offer training in the facilitation and use of these tools so that they can be applied directly by our clients. They have been engaged and refined on a range of briefs and with satisfied clients. They provide effective processes and create meaningful outcomes, and can be adapted to a range of situations in the areas of government, community and corporate organisations.
participatory planning tools
organisational change tools
environmental planning tools
education & training programs
 participatory planning tools
the planning web
© Peter Cuming 1996

This award winning planning tool provides an effective participatory process and integrative planning framework suitable for government at all levels, local and regional communities, businesses and other organisations. Working together, groups are quickly able to create their sustainability vision, goals and strategic action plan through a kinaesthetic process. This is followed by a working group developing an implementation plan, including timelines, priorities, partnerships and responsibilities based on the collective work.

dealing with our own situation (DWOOS)
© Sustainable Futures 2000

This model for community and wide ranging stakeholder participation and decision-making was created and refined through large-scale infrastructure projects.  It involves a representative working group process that can be engaged to identify key issues, develop solutions and options supporting the planning and design phases and to assist in implementation and review. A key component of DWOOS is an evaluation kit and scoring process enabling a series of different project options to be compared according to sustainability criteria developed with all key stakeholders.

 organisational change tools
sustainability health check (SHC)
© LGMA,  Sustainable Futures Australia and NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, 2006

This popular self-assessment tool for local government rigorously explores the current sustainability status of council’s organisational systems and progress towards sustainability outcomes.  The SHC process generates new ideas and clear directions for improvement.  Training workshops are currently being facilitated by SFA throughout NSW.   

sustainability framework for organisations
© Sustainable Futures Australia 2005

This organisational framework provides a comprehensive structure for making decisions and carrying out actions for sustainability. The key components of governance, engagement, tools, resources and planning are integrated in the framework encouraging a systematic approach to applying sustainability principles and focusing on sustainability outcomes.

working together model
© Sustainable Futures Australia 2005

This participatory model helps identify key groupings of stakeholders that should be engaged in sustainability initiatives, and at what levels this should occur from the local to regional level. In this model, the role of council or other central organisation is facilitator and coordinator.

the s-team
© Sustainable Futures Australia, 2004

Forming a sustainability team, or ‘S-Team’, in your council or organisation can make the difference between sustainability being ‘just an idea’ and it creating committed organisational involvement.  The ‘S-Team’ process and model of representation provides an effective focus for collaboration and achievement of sustainability goals. 

sustainability assessment and reporting approach (SARA)
 © Sustainable Futures Australia 2005

The SARA system provides a comprehensive assessment and reporting tool for decision-making related to projects, programs and development proposals. It includes an assessment matrix and report template. It enables concepts, actions and responses to be measured or considered in relation to key success indicators and targets.

esd operational systems framework
© Sustainable Futures Australia 2006

Based on a combination of ‘The Planning Web’ and the ‘Project Sustainability Framework’, this tool enables an organisation to establish an integrated action plan to ensure key operational systems including transport, energy and water use, and waste management are focused on achieving sustainability outcomes.

 environmental planning tools
project sustainability framework
© Sustainable Futures Australia 2006

This framework enables projects such as residential, tourism and infrastructure development to embody ESD thinking and practices from strategic to site development response, for whole-of-development to site systems levels such as  water, energy, buildings and resource use, through design, construction and operational phases.

sustainability characteristics integrated mapping
(SCIM) © Sustainable Futures Australia 2003

The SCIM model integrates a range of identified values, attributes and constraints related to a specific area of land as visual overlay maps. As an interactive tool, it enables scenarios to be established and explored with preferred scenarios identified using agreed criteria. It also establishes a comprehensive database with veracity assessment.

 education and training programs
breakthrough to sustainability!
© Sustainable Futures 1998

This transformative education program is suitable for community groups, businesses, and high school and university students. It introduces core aspects of sustainability through enjoyable group processes encouraging reflection, critical analysis, connection with nature and creativity.

philosophy of life game
© Elizabeth Bragg 2000

Understanding the diversity of environmental value-systems is vital for all environmental managers, decision-makers and anyone wishing to work collaboratively for sustainability.  Participants in this day-long educational process learn about a wide range of worldviews through a series of lecturettes, games and by enacting them through roleplay.

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