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Sustainable Futures Australia has created a range of tools and processes to assist organisations and communities accelerate their move towards sustainability. We also offer training in the facilitation and use of these tools so that they can be applied directly by our clients. They have been engaged and refined on a range of briefs and with satisfied clients. They provide effective processes and create meaningful outcomes, and can be adapted to a range of situations in the areas of government, community and corporate organisations.


breakthrough to sustainability!
© Sustainable Futures 1998
This transformative education program is suitable for community groups, businesses, and high school and university students.  It introduces core aspects of sustainability through enjoyable group processes encouraging reflection, critical analysis, connection with nature and creativity.
philosophy of life game

© Elizabeth Bragg 2000

Understanding the diversity of environmental value-systems is vital for all environmental managers, decision-makers and anyone wishing to work collaboratively for sustainability.  Participants in this day-long educational process learn about a wide range of worldviews through a series of lecturettes, games and by enacting them through roleplay.

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