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Peter Cuming – managing director

Sustainability planning and education, eco-settlement design, futures visioning, key liaison facilitation and mediation, and project management. 

Peter has worked cooperatively with communities, industry and governments in high level policy-making and corporate and strategic planning for over 20 years.  Currently Peter heads project teams working on regional to international sustainability strategies, plans and initiatives.  Read More...

Dr Elizabeth (Eshana) Bragg – director & environmental psychologist

Social research and evaluation, community consultation, workshop facilitation, sustainability education programs and kits, and project management.

Elizabeth has over 20 years experience in this field working for clients including many local governments and regional authorities in NSW.  Read More...

Emily Coleing – administrative officer

Office administration and project support.

Emily is a social ecologist with over 10 years work as a bush regenerator. She has worked in events organising and administration and joined Sustainable Futures in June 2008.

Shannon Baunach-Greenfields – project officer

Community engagement and coordination of volunteers, sustainability education, and project support.

Shannon holds a degree in conservation ecology. She has led many teams of community volunteers in practical conservation projects including bush regeneration, land conservation/restoration and flora/fauna surveying.

Cathy Hillard – cross-cultural consultant

Community consultation; cross-cultural education; workshop facilitation and conflict resolution; Aboriginal community development. 

Cathy  has degrees in social science and social work, and is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Aboriginal education. She has worked with many Aboriginal organisations and non-Aboriginal government and community based agencies over the past 15 years.

John Webber – landscape architect

Landscape architecture and environmental design, coastal rehabilitation plans.

To date John has designed 60 coastal and riparian reserves to the development of landscape concepts. John has also collaborated in over 300 schools ‘learnscapes’ projects.

Jon Dugdale – graphic design

Graphic artist, designer, desk top publishing and layout.

Jon has worked in the graphic design and print industry for the last 15years. He has also been involved in grass roots community groups for this time, striving to use his skills for the betterment of the environment. He has collaborated with Sustainable Futures on a variety of projects, producing print and online media since 2007.

Trevor Worden - photographer

Creative Photography 

Trevor is a professional photographer with 25 years of experience.  He brings his extensive knowledge of photographic advertising to the field of sustainability, integrating panoramic and detailed environmental scenes with action shots of people engaging in sustainable behaviour.

Jill Bradshaw – community artist

Creative art and community engagement 

Jill is a community artist who creates brilliant designs with environmental themes.  She works in an inspiring and engaging way with children and other parts of the community.


Associate Consultants

Geoff Bragg solar energy specialist
Fig Forest flora ecologist
Russell Jago fauna ecologist
Melanie Jackson bushfire planning consultant
James Foster environmental engineer, integrated wastewater management systems
Charlie Hewitt civil engineer, geotech
Greg Lucas commercial and property law specialist and mediator
Robert Rosen ethical investment and business planning
Dr Caresse Cranwell sustainability leadership training
Robyn Francis ecovillage and permaculture design and education